© Mohammad Abo Shukur

As a wheelchair user, I thought in the beginning that computer science would be a good fit for me, so day by day I started to improve and inform myself more about it. Then I've noticed that I'm very fascinated about it, Therefore I decided to go to the next step and do it academically.

In 2014 I arrived in Germany and I started my computer science studies. From 2016 till now I'm doing my bachelor & master degrees in computer science & media informatics

When I arrived in Germany, I have faced many problems due the new system. I didn't understand how things work, Eventually I've figured that in a hard way.

In 2016 I have decided to help other international students to find their way just like I was able to, so I started with my fellow students an NGO called Make it German e.V. where I was the Founder/CTO.

In this Organization my fellow students and I were volunteering to support and help others. We helped them by providing them with huge amount of simplified information in their native language.

In 2019 I left (Make it German e.V.) to focus more on my studies.

I've volunteered in many other fields such as consultation for international students and supporting the rights of people with disabilities in different NGOs such as Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V. and Handicap International e.V. "Crossroads"

During that time I was and still focusing on 3 important values :

Feminism, Equality & Inclusion.